Upcoming Expeditions

Join Daniel Goodenough and the Caravan Guides for a thought-provoking exploration about life mission – an approach and process of self-discovery Daniel has been developing and teaching for 30 years. This rich expedition offers simultaneously foundation-building elements of life mission exploration and a container for deeper reflection. 

3 Week Expedition into the Caravan of Remembering

  • 3 live online sessions
  • daily 20-minute practice material
  • additional practice materials for those inclined
  • access to Guides between sessions in a community space
  • continued access to the practice materials for 1 year
  • ongoing access to community post-expedition
This is an intensive intended to support you in fully engaging with your life mission through immersion. Our approach is practice oriented, so you can take it with you into your life once the course is done.

Core elements of the training:

  • the practice of stillness, to help with listening to your inner knowing; this is offered through short, 2 minute 'dropping in' practices;
  • immersion into the Caravan, through 5-7 minute journeys that inspire you to reflect on your life mission in a context and a place that evokes imagination;
  • specific inquiry questions about your life mission that take you outside of "figuring it out" so you can hear what is most true for you;
  • spaces to share with others in community so you can reflect in dialogue.
This courses offer foundation-building elements of life mission and a container for deeper reflection. If you are new to life mission or a seasoned explorer, this course will offer you well-honed material designed to gradually guide you into the territory of your life’s mission and the unfolding conversation that awaits you there.

This course is a sweet invitation and method of inquiry into one's life purpose through a series of exercises and explorations. The questions Daniel presents, and the way he presents them, light up the seeds of remembering in my deep self and I am excited to regularly water them by visiting Caravan and the life mission scales offered here and in the book. ~ L.M., Vancouver, Canada

This course is a rare opportunity to remember ideals and intentions strongly held yet perhaps not always lived. It led me to rethink, reread, and remember that my journey is lived by the steps I take, the imprints I leave, the intentionality of my inner vision and outer choices. ~ M.F., Winnipeg