Become a Caravan Guide

An Invitation

When we move forward on our own life mission journeys, there can be an inspiration to want to help others along the way. Caravan of Remembering has a way for you to do that! Becoming a Caravan Guide is an enriching process of developing self-mastery with life mission inquiry in service to others.

Benefits to becoming a Caravan Guide:

  • Learn what it means to tune to the life mission journey of another and support them in their quest
  • Incorporate your unique gifts and life mission exploration by sharing in ways that align with you
  • Gain mastery with the life mission process and scales through the practice of offering to others
  • Be on a team of fellow Caravan Guides in a creative and empowering learning environment
  • Gain deeper insight into the scales and process directly from Daniel Goodenough
  • Access (by subscription) a library of resources to support you with sharing from the Caravan attunement

Learn more

We are openly accepting applications to be a Caravan Guide. Book a time to connect with us for a conversation.

Glancing back at the train of camels, he continued. “Caravan is not subject to anything that happens in the horizontal world. It does respond, however. It always responds to the needs of your soul and the help required for the work of Caravan to continue. Guides respond to your insights, to your challenges, and to your growth in the manner most beneficial in all worlds.”

~ The Caravan of Remembering, page 24