Caravan Oasis Cards

Inspire your day with this collection of quotes from The Caravan of Remembering by Daniel Goodenough.

To make the most of your card 'reading', here are a few steps you could follow:

Step 1: Prepare by taking a moment to inhale and exhale.

Step 2: Choose a card by clicking on it. You may choose up to 3 cards.

Step 3: Read the card(s) a few times, allowing the words to sink in a little deeper each time.

Step 4: Note what words or phrases stands out to you. Come back to that word or phrase throughout the day, being present to its impact and invitation.

Caravan Oasis Cards

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Each choice moves you in the direction of your mission or away from it.

Each choice creates a resonance for the next choice and the next seed.

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This Caravan is a gift of the One and has traveled for eternity in service to all.

Caravan’s work is to bring us home.

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A life mission is never decided by a single decision.

Even the big, seemingly crucial, decisions are based on the thousand small decisions that lead up to it.

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