Do you wake up excited and energized

looking forward to all the day has to offer?

Or tired, overwhelmed and already feeling behind?
Or bored and exhausted from the monotony of the daily grind?
Or maybe you feel a longing tugging at your soul that you can’t quite resolve?

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain

We’re not meant to live life in overwhelm, burnout or even monotony, those feelings are life’s way of telling you that you are here for MORE. You may have been told that the answer is work life balance, doing yoga, meditation, working out, changing jobs, uppers, downers, quitting, quiet quitting or even retiring.

Those are great temporary fixes, and if you’ve tried any of them you know that the feelings keep stubbornly following you. That’s because there’s a reason you are here, on this planet, right now, and that reason is seeking you.

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“There is an essential nature that is the unique nature of your Self. The way this essential nature meets the world will be the way you can be of service to all sentient beings. This essential nature holds the gift of your call.”

~ The Caravan of Remembering, pg 86

When you are connected to your big ‘why’, doing what you are called to do, in the way it wants to be done, with the people meant to help you, you are in flow, joy follows you everywhere and there is time enough for everything.

This the the Way of Life Mission, of Caravan, and it’s available to everyone.

Living this Way myself, and supporting others in becoming fluent in doing the same, is my lifelong commitment.  I’ve been on this journey for more than 30 years and because of this work, I’ve intentionally designed a life of flow, abundance and joy.  Yes, it takes commitment, effort and dedication - three things you already do.

It’s just a matter of shifting where you invest those three beautiful qualities.


Society has a preconceived notion of life and trains us to live into its  expectations and you’ve put a lot of work that paradigm. If you are ready to wake up, literally, to stop sleepwalking through a life that is only half fulfilling, let’s chat.

“I could no longer ignore the call. I knew my life wasn’t right. I wasn’t happy. Still, I avoided the tough questions. I hadn’t recognized that I’d been in survival mode. I had enough of the basics needed to live and was in survival mode, emotionally and spiritually. Ironically almost because of a kind of abundance of the basics I had purposely disconnected from the real questions.”

~ The Caravan of Remembering, pg 94

What would the life you were meant to live look like, feel like, taste like, smell like?

I’m ready to find out. Are you?

About Maren

My name is Maren and I disrupt the old leadership paradigm.

I am an Awareness Coach and Caravan Guide and I’ve worked directly with Daniel Goodenough for more than half my life. I’m dedicated to helping leaders develop their deeper, richer conversation with life (and business) and step into their Life Mission, their own bigger game.

My favorite part? When my fellow travelers, who know, like I did, “that there is a better way,” find that the better way really does exist… and discover their personal freedom.

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"My vision of possibility is that anyone, anywhere, anytime, under any circumstance who remembers enough to want to know why they are here and have some help in doing it, that there will be a way, a vehicle, and a person to help them with that."

- Daniel Goodenough