Caravan of Remembering

Experience the Awakening of Your Life's Mission

What would the rest of your life look like if you remembered your purpose for being?

What if there was a way for you to remember who you truly are?

Are you ready to live more artfully, sacredly and skillfully?

Do you want a life that expresses your values, visions and talents?


""My wish is that you fall so much in love, and fall so completely, that you once and for all surrender into your passion and purpose."

- Daniel Goodenough

The Caravan of Remembering is a fictional experiential journey based on Daniel Goodenough's time tested approach to life mission, honed over 30 years with thousands of students. The book includes an extensive curriculum of exercises to support you in your 'purpose process.'

The richness of this book has inspired a cornucopia of offerings to support readers in feeling connected to community, and to go deeper in bite size chunks. You'll also meet Caravan Guides in these pages, who have worked with Daniel's material for more than a decade each and are each finding a unique expression and way to serve.

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Experience Stillness

A 2-minute journey into stillness with the option to go deeper into a life mission journey. Experience the 3 core elements of Caravan.

Caravan Quest Quiz

Where are you going? This 2-minute reflective quiz offers a doorway into life mission inquiry. You may opt in for the Life Mission Playbook as well.

Oasis Cards

A reflective oasis in your day, as you choose a quote fromĀ The Caravan of Remembering and are invited to join a reflective practice.

Caravan Conversations

A weekly email course titled, "A Year of Living Dangerously" to inspire you each Sunday. An accompanying weekly podcast also available.


Live online practice sessions (35 mins) to build skill and insight about your life mission. Join others in this complimentary weekly offering.

Caravan Guide Sessions

Meet the Caravan guides, who can walk with you as you explore what has meaning to you and how you can make that real in your life.

"My vision of possibility is that anyone, anywhere, anytime, under any circumstance who remembers enough to want to know why they are here and have some help in doing it, that there will be a way, a vehicle, and a person to help them with that."

- Daniel Goodenough