Caravan of Remembering

Experience the Awakening of Your Life's Mission

Play the note you are uniquely designed to play.

Find the spark inside that fuels your 'what.'

Be the change you are feeling called to be.

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"How do we remember our most fundamental why, and build a life around what this calls us to do, and who this calls us to become? The story of Caravan is a blueprint and process of this becoming.

- Daniel Goodenough, Introduction, The Caravan of Remembering.

Read the full introduction here.

Read the full introduction here.

The book, The Caravan of Remembering: A Roadmap to Experiencing the Awakening of your Life's Mission is a fictional experiential journey based on Daniel Goodenough's approach to life mission, honed over 30 years with thousands of students. Caravan includes an extensive curriculum of exercises to support you in building skill with asking about your life's mission.

Caravan has inspired an ecosystem of offerings, including ways you can explore life mission, build skill with asking the the questions of life mission, and deepen your exploration with a Caravan Guide.

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Why Daniel wrote The Caravan of Remembering

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"My vision of possibility is that anyone, anywhere, anytime, under any circumstance who remembers enough to want to know why they are here and have some help in doing it, that there will be a way, a vehicle, and a person to help them with that."

- Daniel Goodenough