Working with a Caravan Guide

Jun moved wood in the fire with his cane as he began again, his voice just loud enough to be heard. “Our work in Caravan assists our horizontal world selves in the work of embodying our life missions....Your work, at least here in Caravan, requires your conscious participation in this relationship.

~ The Caravan of Remembering, page 115


How can we participate consciously in awakening to and embodying our life's mission? The Caravan of Remembering gives us a context for this exploration that is lifted away from the everyday world we are immersed in. In our culture, we talk about "getting away" to "sort things out." We go on holidays to gain a new perspective. Work with processes in Caravan of Remembering is a way of "getting away" to a place that that supports us specifically in exploring our life's mission.

When we want to learn comedy, we might travel to New York; to be in the movies we might go to Los Angeles, and to be a country music signer, we might go to Nashville. These are generalizations, and what's true is that being in a context of support and surrounded by others who "get" what you are trying to do is helpful in mastering any domain.

If we consider the exploration of life mission as a 'domain' that a person becomes 'skillful' in, then it becomes important to have a place to do the work, people to do it with, and processes with practices that help one chunk down the pieces to ultimately build the skill. This is what Caravan of Remembering is dedicated to doing in multiple ways.

Our Guide platform offers a place (online platform), a person (a guide), as well as a process that offers scaffolding so you can feel held in your exploration.

A Caravan Guide offers a life mission context, a process and practices, as well as insights and support to help deepen the inquiry. This is done through presence to the question of life mission. Many of us know what it feels like to be listened within a context. A music teacher is listening for something specific, and a sports trainer is looking for growth in particular ways. A life mission Guide is tuning into your life mission conversation in a particular way as well.

Within a container of hope and possibility that you can 100% remember and live into why you are here, what you are called to do and who you are called to become, we are here for you with much enthusiasm.

5 Benefits of Working with a Caravan Guide:

  1. You are heard by someone who is deeply interested in your life mission.
  2. You have a space to explore meaning in your life that is honouring of your perspective.
  3. You hear yourself says things that you can begin to further unpack.
  4. You are with someone who 100% believes you can articulate and become clear on why you are here, what you are here to do, and who you are here to become.
  5. You are supported with seeing patterns that might be relevant to your life’s mission.

Our Guide packages can be creatively assembled based where you are in your journey.

Here are a few of the ways we can work with you.

Tailored to you ~ 5 weeks

  • 5 x 30-minute weekly sessions with a Caravan Guide
  • 30-60 minutes of skill-building between sessions; this informs the work that is done during the Guide session
  • Materials (audio, visual, readings & assignments) are curated each week, specifically for you
  • A user-friendly, elegant course format
  • a 6th 30-min session to review the work completed in the 5 weeks

Tailored to you ~ 6 months

  • 45-minute Caravan Guide sessions bi-weekly for six months
  • 60+ minutes of skill-building between sessions
  • Materials (audio, visual, readings & assignments) are curated each week, specifically for you
  • A user-friendly, elegant course format

Chapter-by-Chapter with a Guide

  • Chapter-by-Chapter Expedition online self-study
  • Guide response to Caravan assignments posted in the self-study
  • 30-minute sessions with a Guide every 3 chapters


Caravan Guides work closely with the material laid out in The Caravan of Remembering along with a large library of supplemental material developed, recorded, and taught by Daniel Goodenough.

If you would like to connect about a Guide package, you can reach us here.