CaravanGo: Practice in Community

Weekly sessions offer an opportunity to develop your skill with your life mission inquiry process.

We reflect on questions offered in the back of The Caravan of Remembering, working through them in the sequence given in the book.

We aim for a quiet reflective space in community. Each session is about 30 minutes and includes the process laid out below. All are welcome, whether or not you've read Caravan.

Your host is Carissa Kazyss.

CaravanGo Process:

  • Welcome
  • 'Scale' from The Caravan of Remembering offered
  • Listen to Journey into Caravan with the 'scale in mind
  • Quiet time to reflect on the scale
  • Sharing by choice (general insights)
  • Completion

All are welcome! 

Wednesday from 4:30pm - 5:05pm Pacific time (weekly)  Timezone converter

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While it is not required to RSVP, it can be nice to know who is coming. Feel free to RSVP here.

Click for examples of Caravan scales

Scale #1 (The Caravan of Remembering, pg. 18)

Survey your home as if it belonged to a stranger.

Ask yourself, who this person is that owns these things and why. What can you tell about this person's intention or lack of intention for their life? What might this person's priority for their life be? What kind of life does this person who owns these things have? What is his or her life about?

Scale #2  (The Caravan of Remembering, pg. 52) 

What were you designed to express?

“Because you were perfectly designed for your life mission, no one else can do it in the way meant for you. In the end, if you do not do it, it may be left undone.”

Scale #3  (The Caravan of Remembering, pg. 87)

Rumi said, “Let the beauty you love be what you do.” If you let the beauty you love be what you do, what would that mean for you and your life?

What would you be doing? What would you be doing differently? What would you stop doing?

What does it mean to be skillful with life mission?

The process embedded in Caravan’s story is meant to develop your skill in articulating your life mission, while also developing skill in unfolding your life mission over time. You can use the questions and exercises as a musician does, daily doing scales to increase the skill with their instrument. In this case, one’s own life is the instrument.

~ The Caravan of Remembering, Introduction, p.1-2.