Daniel Goodenough

Daniel Goodenough has invested a lifetime of research to discover and the create processes, services, systems, and platforms to support individuals, teams and enterprises to live their vision, and unique life mission in the way the world most needs it done. This began with living personal dreams as a touring musician and recording artist, obtaining a fine arts degree, working in the field of science, cofounding a graphic arts design studio as illustrator and designer.

Turning over the design studio to his partner he left Chicago to work as a trainer for the International Success Institute. Together with Kimberly Herkert, Daniel cofounded The Way of the Heart in 1988, to train life mission and offer a full complement of personal development courses. After years of “life coaching” already, as the field of life coaching became a recognized profession he was certified as life coach in 1995. Daniel has developed over 14 classes in life mission along the way.

Daniel brings this background to a deep understanding of and profound commitment to empowering others to manifest their life missions – and do it artfully skillfully and sacredly. He published The Caravan of Remembering in 2016 offer people a way to work with their life mission inquiry as a more self-directed pathway that includes a community of support.

Daniel currently resides in Colorado.


Caravan Guides are certified practitioners of the life mission approach offered in Daniel Goodenough's The Caravan of Remembering. Much like a guide on a desert caravan, a Caravan Guide ensures you are well equipped for the journey, helps you identify where you are on the landscape and encourages you to keep going!

We offer insight, perspective, practices, and resources to support you in the remembrance of why you are here, what you are here to do and who you are here to become.


Carissa Kazyss, M.A. is dedicated to helping Caravan move out into the world as a way, a place, a community, and a process to support the skill of being in conversation with one's life mission. She is deeply committed to supporting people in being in their own conversation about why they are here on the planet at this time, believing that each of us has a remedy for this moment that is uniquely satisfying and fitting to us.

Carissa is a Caravan Guide, writer, community builder and consultant living in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada. She brings a MA in Integral Psychology and more than a decade of training with Daniel Goodenough. She has led numerous Caravan Conversation Club groups and continues to be inspired by The Caravan of Remembering as an important resource for our times.

Carissa's Guide offer: The Golden Thread

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Gretchen Smith is a creative artist who weaves poetry, imagery, and sound in a celebration of the sacred. She is a seasoned host of life mission conversations for youth and adults, bringing her depth of practice to the questions of life mission. In addition to being a Caravan Guide, Gretchen is also a healing arts practitioner with a deep interest in the transformative potential that lies in each one of us. As a Caravan Guide, she is passionate about supporting creative expression born from the unique well of inspiration contained within our original blueprint.

Team Members

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Daya Harris, B.Ed, lives in Richmond, B.C., Canada where she is a private tutor, actor, and transformational counsellor.  Her Life Mission Quest began in earnest in 2014 when she attended one of Daniel Goodenough’s classes.  Two years later, upon Caravan’s publication, she delved into the story and its teachings, becoming captivated and inspired to go deeper into her own life mission journey as well as supporting others in theirs.  Daya has co-facilitated a Caravan Conversations Club for the past 4 years bringing Caravan’s offerings more and more into the world to serve each individual’s Life Mission Quest.

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Christine Paquette, B.A. lives in the GTA in Ontario. Christine is a certified Life Mission Business Coach and Facilitator. For more than 25 years, Christine has been devoted to guiding business professionals (owners and senior leaders) on their journey to feeling greater fulfillment within their business role and personal life while experiencing whole-life balance. Through the integration of life mission and business, professionals connect with their heart’s deepest desire while working within the business context. Christine facilitated Daniel's book launch in 2016 in Winnipeg, MB and has worked with and been trained by Daniel since 2009.

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Linda Shea, PhD, is a nurse educator and coach with an enduring interest in transformational healing. Residing in Nanaimo, B.C. Canada, Linda has been involved with Caravan since 2016, and has been a student of Daniel’s for over 10 years. She enjoys working with people who have a passion and desire to be in service to something greater than themselves, and to do that in a manner that authentically expresses their unique essence. Through Caravan, Linda is honored to accompany people on their journeys of Life Mission inquiry, particularly at this time of transformation on the planet.


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Leah Hille, RTC,  is a counsellor, artist and writer living in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. She has worked with Caravan since 2016, and co-hosts Caravan Conversations Clubs locally. Being a member of this initiative is a privilege as Leah truly loves the possibility of transformation that Caravan embodies. Finding meaning through authenticity, and truly choosing to live a fully lit up and joyful existence are the elements of Caravan that continue to inspire her work and her life.