Journey into Caravan

Daniel serious

This 5 minute journey introduces you to "Caravan" - a place where contemplation about life mission happens in the timeless desert. Listen as Daniel gradually introduces you to Caravan and the questions core to life mission inquiry - why are you here, what are you here to do and who are you here to become.


Imagine there's a place in the imaginal inner worlds called the Caravan of  Remembering where people go to be present to their life's mission, present to why they're here in this world, and what that calls them to do and who that calls them to be.

In that place, in the absolute desert of Caravan where the mystics go to be present, free of the distractions of the things one could be present to, in this place in the absolute desert, one can sit in the sand, and be present to the part of them that is also already knowing why they're here and what that calls them to do and who that calls them to be.

So imagine now you're in sitting at the edge of the Caravan and Remembering.

And you might notice that as far as the eye can see in one direction, there are people doing the work of presence to their life's mission. As you turn in the other direction, you notice that as far as the eye can see the absolute desert of Caravan.

And as you notice, across this vast ocean of sand all the way out to the almost imperceptible horizon where sand meets sky, thoughts go out across that endless expand and do not return. And so that gives us the space and the clarity that the mystics were seeking when they went to the absolute desert.

So allow yourself to have that space to just be present, there's nothing to figure out.

You've always already known there is this part of you that is always already known, why you're in our world, and what that calls you to be in and what that calls you to do.

So now, for the moment, just be present. There's nothing to figure out. Present to this question, this inquiry, and allow it to emerge. Allow the emergence of whatever it is you're wanting to be present to around your life mission.

You have two minutes of clock time equals subjectively to all the time necessary to be present to what you're needing to be present to in this moment.

(2 minute pause)

As you feel the call to return to our world, as you return to being 100% back in our world, 100% present in the present time and just know that Caravan and your fellow pilgrims and the journey of life mission will be there for you. At anytime you can return to the Caravan to be present to the question, why am I here? What is that call me to do? Who is that calling me to become? The questions of life mission. The Caravan will be there. At any time you can return. 100% back in the present

The themes of endless desert sands and the woven tapestry of life are lovely visuals that create the reality of a journey within, safely wrapped in the tapestry you are creating with your life, thread by thread, step by step. ~ M.F., Winnipeg, Canada