About Us

Caravan of Remembering offers a way, a process, a place, a roadmap and people to support those who want support with remembering why they are here. The material is based on years of research, coaching and instruction by Daniel Goodenough, who has developed clear processes for awakening to one's life mission and then taking action on it.

Central to this work is answering the questions - why are you here, what are you here to do and who are you here to become. And then, how are you here to do what you came here to do, skillfully, artfully and sacredly.

At it's core, this work is a practice of mastery through continuous inquiry that begins to open inner knowing about why one is here. A specific kind of inquiry is offered that allows us to organically uncover our reasons for being.

There are some main assumptions to this work: 1) that everyone has a life mission, and 2) that everyone can remember what it is, and 3) that we all came in with what we need to do our life missions (it just needs honing sometimes).

This process helps build inner trust, inner guidance and knowing, and confidence. Through deepening of inner stillness, a joyful exploration can be uncovered, resulting in radiant expression of you, who you came here to be.