The Caravan of Remembering

A Roadmap for Experiencing the Awakening of Your Life's Mission

by Daniel Goodenough

What would the rest of your life look like if you remembered your purpose for being?

What if there was a way for you to remember who you truly are?

Are you ready to live more artfully, sacredly and skillfully?

Do you want a life that expresses your values, visions and talents?


""My wish is that you fall so much in love, and fall so completely, that you once and for all surrender into your passion and purpose."

- Daniel Goodenough

The Caravan of Remembering invites you into your own process of life mission contemplation and discovery:

Written as a fictional experiential journey that engages you to reflect on your own journey in a contemplative context.

Integrates material and spiritual worlds in ways that are viable, practical motivational and enduring.

Unique and time-tested material, grounded in the Daniel Goodenough’s 30 years of working with thousands of life mission seekers.

Inclusive of all spiritual paths and traditions, many of which are highlighted in the book.

Timeless teachings of many spiritual paths woven into the story, speaking to the larger life mission thread on the spiritual journey.

An extensive curriculum of exercises to support you through your “purpose process”.

"This is the best book on awakening I've read in the last ten years.”

~ Linda Newark, PhD Psychologist