What if?

...the pathway to remembering why you are here was marked with guideposts along the way and included guides to make sure your bag was packed well for the journey?

If you are looking for a way to deepen your exploration of your reason for being, who you are here to become and your unique ways of expressing that in the world, our growing offerings are here to be an ongoing wellspring for you, whether you are new to the question or a seasoned explorer.

“What is the benefit each time someone holds onto their gift and purpose, in spite of all those who would say they are crazy? How would their gifts and purpose change the horizontal world?”

Daniel Goodenough, The Caravan of Remembering - A Roadmap for Experiencing the Awakening of your Life's Mission (2016)

Oasis Cards

A reflective oasis in your day, as you choose a quote from The Caravan of Remembering and are invited to join a reflective practice.

Q&A Videos

Hear from the author of The Caravan of Remembering as he explores questions related to life mission in these brief clips.

Caravan Quest Quiz

Leaning into a life mission conversation? This quiz might offer you some insight into your journey. If you are here, you've already begun.

Self-Study Program

Immerse yourself in a journey to more clearly articulate why you are here, who you are here to become and your path forward.

Caravan Guide Sessions

Receive practices to tap into your inner knowing, life mission inquiry and perspectives to support your exploration.

Discovery Session

We are a small group of Caravan Guides, always up for an 'in person' chat to listen, answer questions and offer insights from our hearts.