Caravan of Remebering(2)

It would be nice, at turning points in our lives, if someone would come to us with a sign from Spirit. It would be so nice to have that kind of certainty about destiny and not just live in the tides of fate. It would be comforting to know what’s expected of us, why we are here and what that calls us to do.

It is a mystery, and we are called to be present with it. We are called to bring what we are best able to bring to our life. We are called to remember.

We can get so lost in our life that we can go weeks, months and even years before we think about the call we hear in our heart. It may be that pain and life’s challenges will remind us. This is not the only way we are called. Joy can call you. Love can call you.

Caravan Conversations: A Year of Living Dangerously is about holding questions that don't have easy answers. It's a gentle way to explore what's right for you and what isn't, in the mystery of who you are in this life and what you are called to do.

Join us for a weekly email, with a touchstone for the week. Opening with a quote from The Caravan of Remembering, we'll then offer a brief commentary, followed by an exploration for the week, and a practice to connect more meaningfully to the quote.

We'll weave together themes such as being with fellow travelers who straddle both Caravan and the lived world, the timeless nature of the Caravan campfire, the exploration of questions like 'what are you hunting' and 'what is your essence', and a return to our tribes to give expression to all we have gathered.

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Unpacking the conversation

Listen In: Each week, for about 10 minutes, James and Carissa explore the reflections raised in Caravan Conversations: A Year of Living Dangerously.

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We may never know the difference we made in the world. We have to live with that possibility and still ask ourselves how our heart, mind, soul, spirit, and gut feelings can guide us.

Where do these intuitions and inspirations that call us come from? How do these situations appear in our life? What might it mean if we follow our heart in that call?

There is a value in even the smallest gesture when our hearts remember. It does make a difference.

Imagine, at the end of 2022, feeling more connected to the mystery that you are and the difference you came here to make.

Join us for a year of living dangerously.

Why Caravan of Remembering?

When “why” is the question we are asking at 3am and life is at a crossroads, we are welcomed to Caravan. As Rumi would say...Come, Come again...

An expedition of the heart, Caravan of Remembering offers a way to ‘remember’ a deeper place inside that can then bloom in your life. Daniel Goodenough has laid the foundation for this work through 30+ years of training thousands of people, and his book, The Caravan of Remembering: A Roadmap for Experiencing the Awakening of your Life's Mission (2016).

Caravan Guides, having trained with Daniel for 10+ years each, are here to walk with you, listen from their hearts and offer guideposts along the way. Embark on the greatest expedition of your life - the journey of your life’s mission.