Caravan of Remebering(2)

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David, the main character in The Caravan of Remembering reflects,

“I saw Caravan moving through this universe outside of time, holding us, calling us to honor our agreement with the One that sent us. I felt the unending patience and grace of the work in Caravan.”

What David is experiencing in Caravan is something that is available to all of us to touch in to. The conversation of life mission is placed in a context of a groups of pilgrims sitting around campfires in the absolute desert having conversations about life mission. There is a sense of spacious presence to this work, one that we can access when we reflect on the questions being offered us by the Caravan guides in the book with presence.

A Year of Living Dangerously offers an entry point to The Caravan of Remembering. The course is a two-fold experience – a weekly email and an accompanying podcast. The weekly email includes an excerpt from the book and a few steps to encourage reflection. In their podcast, James Tousignant and Carissa Kazyss their personal responses to the quote of the week for about 10 minutes. We do this so you can feel in the company of others, perhaps sitting around the campfire with us.

See below for a few of the course emails.

You might be wondering why this is called ‘A Year of Living Dangerously.’ We felt inspired by the title because it prompts us to stretch outside of our comfort zones, as life mission often asks us to do. The perceived ‘danger’ is only to the part of us that might not want to change. And, our excerpts are actually very gentle, like dropping a pebble in a pond.

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