“Unique, exceptional, insightful, thought-provoking, entertaining, The Caravan of Remembering is one of those life-affirming, life-affecting novels that will linger in the mind and memory long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf. While very highly recommended for both community and academic library collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that The Caravan of Remembering is also available in Kindle and other ebook formats.”


Midwest Book Review
Reviewer's Choice - Small Press Bookwatch, July 2017

Five Stars: The “Caravan of Remembering, A Road Map for the Awakening of Your Life Mission” by Daniel Goodenough impressed me as a unique story written by a very intelligent author who writes in an easy to read dreamlike manner where the story unfolds in a very pleasant and intriguing manner. The story moves at an even pace as you travel with the author on his spiritual journey of discovery. An excerpt,

“Listen Beloved, in the night, in the rain, on the El platform, and park bench. Listen Beloved in the high-rise and airport, in the farm field and meadow, in the office and schoolroom. Listen in the ballpark and between movies, in your car, or shopping. Listen, Beloved, in quiet and silence, on the move or still, anywhere in your life. Verity and I will be calling you.

“Come . . . Come . . . whoever you are. Welcome to the Caravan of Remembering.”

The author offers Questions and Exercises at the end of the book which I thought was a very nice touch to further enjoy the experience.

Team Golfwell Book Reviews
New Zealand

"My feeling is that the book would be valuable at any stage of life—and perhaps at more than one time in life. I can also see it being used for a book club or a counseling group. The author suggests, “Caravan is a place to be revisited as often as needed, with a process that is both a welcome mentor and companion on the journey.” I appreciated this comment as I look back on the number of times I have had to reset my life’s mission. My husband and I did a lot of refocusing after we read David Brook’s book, The Second Mountain earlier this year. The Caravan of Remembering serves somewhat the same purpose." 

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Miriam Downey
The Cyberlibrarian

“David’s journey is that of a seeker who hears the call, feels an inner knowing, and then must choose to act on that knowing. Caravan’s pace quickens in the last third of the book as David’s sense of his life mission begins to crystalize, and tangible movement is made in his “horizontal” or ordinary world. Through this time of transformation, we see that the desert Caravan that David first encounters has also shifted, as it reflects his own internal movement.

The allure of this book is its magical realistic style combined with tangible self-help inquiry.  Our imaginations are taken on a sensory adventure, while our minds are invited to join a quest of deeper reflection.”


Carissa Kazyss, British Columbia
Holistic Life Coach

“This book is a great read. It reminded me of the movie, The Traveler. Going back to a time where you are in another dimension from your present. I think of this book in terms of a pronoid, where they see the world as trying to help them. It gives us a reason to know what our mission is here on Earth. This book has the meaning of us not being human beings but human becomings. Definitely needs to be on your bookshelf.”

Tekneshia Day
Radio Host of "The Bright Side"

“This is the best book on awakening I’ve read in the last ten years.”


Linda Newmark, PhD.
Psychologist and Sufi Order International senior teacher