Copy of Caravan of Remebering(10)

In 2023, our monthly podcast is called “A Year of Living Miraculously” as a follow up to last years podcast, “A Year of Living Dangerously.”  We could say that what was dangerous to the ego last year becomes this year’s miracle.

Our format has shifted some, as we are now beginning to meet with members of the Caravan community who have been exploring the questions in the book for some time. We (James and Carissa) are interested in the lived experiences of each person we speak with, and the ways they have integrated their reflections from The Caravan of Remembering into their own lives.

Like our pattern from last year’s podcast, we will choose a quote from the book and explore it together. Each of us will have been with the quote for at least a week, and will bring what we noticed and explored to the podcast.

Perhaps it is because we tend to notice miracles as they show up in our lived experience that we are bringing in living stories from our community. As the quote below explores, there is also the miracle of consciously co-creating with the being of our life’s mission. We can begin to expect the unexpected in this co-creative exploration, in a way that is also a very safe experience.

Our work in Caravan assists our horizontal world selves in the work of embodying life mission. Together with the One that sent us we create a container for the work in the horizontal world. There is another kind of miracle that happens with this.

Something is created in this that is a kind of life. We co-create the being of our life mission. Like your self, your life mission is a being that lives in both worlds and moves with you. Your relationship with this being is as ancient as your relationship with Caravan and the One that sent you. Your work here requires your conscious participation in this relationship, at least here in Caravan.

The being of your life mission travels with you for the entire journey. It can be your closest friend and greatest protector in times of danger. In fact, the safest place in the horizontal world is traveling with your life mission.

~ The Caravan of Remembering, page 115

We welcome you to join us in this year’s exploring of what it means to co-create the journey of our life’s mission

A Year of Living Dangerously (2022 Podcast)

It would be nice, at turning points in our lives, if someone would come to us with a sign from Spirit. It would be so nice to have that kind of certainty about destiny and not just live in the tides of fate. It would be comforting to know what’s expected of us, why we are here and what that calls us to do.

It is a mystery, and we are called to be present with it. We are called to bring what we are best able to bring to our life. We are called to remember.

We can get so lost in our life that we can go weeks, months and even years before we think about the call we hear in our heart. It may be that pain and life’s challenges will remind us. This is not the only way we are called. Joy can call you. Love can call you.

A Year of Living Dangerously is about holding questions that don't have easy answers. It's a gentle way to explore what's right for you and what isn't, in the mystery of who you are in this life and what you are called to do.

Our podcast weaves together themes such as being with fellow travelers who straddle both Caravan and the lived world, the timeless nature of the Caravan campfire, the exploration of questions like 'what are you hunting' and 'what is your essence', and a return to our tribes to give expression to all we have gathered.

We may never know the difference we made in the world. We have to live with that possibility and still ask ourselves how our heart, mind, soul, spirit, and gut feelings can guide us.

Where do these intuitions and inspirations that call us come from? How do these situations appear in our life? What might it mean if we follow our heart in that call?

There is a value in even the smallest gesture when our hearts remember. It does make a difference.

Imagine, at the end of 2022, feeling more connected to the mystery that you are and the difference you came here to make.

Join us for a year of living dangerously.