3 Steps to Skill with Life Mission

Experience Stillness

A 2-minute stillness meditation to help you have more calm and space in your mind.

Journey into Caravan

A 5-minute journey to the Caravan of Remembering, where you can reflect on life mission.

Life Mission Practice

Daniel introduces a life mission "scale", offering context for the practice.


These three modules, narrated by Daniel Goodenough, offer direct experience of being in a conversation with your life's mission. You may begin at the beginning or go to any step that draws you.

Daniel Goodenough is author of The Caravan of Remembering as well as fourteen life-mission courses. He has trained thousands internationally over the past 30 years.

Learn more about Daniel here.

Remembering why we are here and why it matters to ask ourselves this question. Magic happens when we choose to be in this conversation, it impacts our inner and outer life.  ~ S.A., Morocco