Life Mission Exercise

The question of life mission bears fruit as we become skillful with asking questions that can help us "see" with new eyes our selves, our lives, even our environments. The following Life Mission "scale" is intended to do just this.

Before you do the scale, you may want to listen to the recording, as Daniel Goodenough shares why he coined the term "life mission scale" and offers some context for the question.

Then you are invited to read the scale and answer it for yourself, perhaps multiple times!


In this scale from The Caravan of Remembering, David, the main character is invited to explore his home environment for clues about his life mission. We invite you to do the same.

Survey your home as if it belonged to a stranger. Ask yourself who this person is that owns these things and why. What can you tell about this person's intention or lack of intention for their life? What might this person's priority for their life be? What kind of life does this person who owns these things have? What is his or her life about? 

What might your things tell you about who you are and what is important to you? Is this true? Do these things indicate who you are? Do they reflect what is important to you?