Bite-sized chunks

3 Steps to Skill with Life Mission - Begin with a 2-minute stillness practice narrated by Daniel Goodenough. Go a little deeper with a 5 minute 'journey' into Caravan. Then try out a life mission 'scale' (as in musical scale, only for Life Mission work).

Short Videos  - A series of video clips of Daniel Goodenough exploring aspects of life mission and The Caravan of Remembering.

Caravan Oasis Cards - Choose from a collection of quotes from The Caravan of Remembering.

Newsletter archives - A few past editions to offer a taste of our monthly newsletter with a link to join our community.

Quiz - A reflective quiz offering a taste of life mission exploration. Find out what resonates with you.


In the company of others

CaravanGo - A live online weekly practice session, no charge, to explore a life mission question from The Caravan of Remembering.


A weekly reflection in your inbox

Caravan Conversations: A Year of Living Dangerously - A year long email course that includes quotes from The Caravan of Remembering along with a reflective process.


Guidance on the path

Meet the Guides - Caravan Guides are certified practitioners of the life mission approach offered in Daniel Goodenough's The Caravan of Remembering.



Find us on the web

YouTube - Daniel Goodneough offers short clips exploring different aspects of life mission

Podcast - James Tousignant and Carissa Kazyss explore reflections from Caravan Conversations: A Year of Living Dangerously Apple Spotify Google Podcasts Sounder FM https://caravan-conversations....

Medium -  Carissa Kazyss, Caravan Guide, shares life mission contemplation on our Medium channel