The Assemblage of Life Mission

Gretchen Smith

I have always been interested in languages. I remember my high school French teacher saying to me in grade 10, “You have a gift for languages”, her kind words stirred something deep within my heart. My grade 12 yearbook indicated I would go on to become a translator. I chose a double major of French and German, graduating with a BA in 1988.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about that early call to become a translator, and of those years of moving between past, present and future tenses- crossing the borders between languages, and the strong desire to become fluent… to express with ease. My journey of self-expression, of finding a way and a medium to share my voice, and the language of my own soul and heart has not always been easy for me. I was shy… introverted, and struggled with many of the obstacles that come with being human and moving through life- raising a family, issues of safety, not wanting to risk leaving my comfort zone…

Yet that ‘soul voice’ started to emerge- as the language of poetry and songs, ignited a healing and sparked a deep longing to answer the call within the words that poured through me. I could smell the perfume of this call that wasn’t quite in focus, that I couldn’t quite translate.

I have been immersed in the conversation of Life Mission, as a student of Daniel, for many years. When I first read the Caravan of Remembering, it did, indeed, feel like ‘coming home’. The lyricism of his words, the many layers and levels of metaphors and symbols again stirred my heart. Answering the questions, looking for the high story of my own life, moving through the layers of the highs and lows, listening for ‘that tone behind the words’… This conversation has become deeper, and more real, as my own knowing of the language of Caravan- this translation, and crossing the borders between Inner and Outer brings courage and greater self expression in my life.

As a Caravan Guide, it would be my honour and delight to creatively explore with you the High Story of your own life’s journey. Together we will dive deeper into the questions and Life Mission Conversations offered within Caravan, holding space for new insights, guidance and clues to emerge and take shape. We will ‘gather the remembering’, creating a unique Life Mission assemblage of your own beauty and truth.

“I realized I understood the language of this unfolding story…
I understood the language revealing itself as light
moving through the rug and surprisingly,
I knew that some part of me understood the language of Caravan.
Though I couldn’t exactly translate it yet,
I knew in that moment
the language of Caravan
was threaded through my very being.”

Caravan of Remembering, page 118

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About Gretchen

Gretchen Smith is a creative artist who weaves poetry, imagery, and sound in a celebration of the sacred. She is a seasoned host of life mission conversations for youth and adults, bringing her depth of practice to the questions of life mission. In addition to being a Caravan Guide, Gretchen is also a healing arts practitioner with a deep interest in the transformative potential that lies in each one of us. As a Caravan Guide, she is passionate about supporting creative expression born from the unique well of inspiration contained within our original blueprint.